A selection of ones I made and enjoy


with Popa Chubby

Careless Love

Second Life avatars dancing outside a diner

Albany Down

With a background of home


All the latest musings

Learning Together Online

Ok, my shingle is up. Setting up a school through http://LearningTogether.Online, A video school. I do love creating a web page. I shall have to talk to he is going to Korea to teach. We could Read more…


Tablets and Phones

computer Well, as half of you lot are on a tablet or a phone I thought I would make a video of to show you what you are missing and why a PC is far Read more…


Creative Blogs

DigitallyCompetentdot com Oh I love being creative and I just get better and better at it. The first site is looking good. The backgrounds are not my creations but the overall picture is mine. There Read more…


RSA Pitch

I use Zoom video conferencing software to teach remotely using screen sharing. I can be online for two hours a day from 10 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 5 pm GMT to Read more…



The Open University has a great site: well worth a look. If you want to get to grips with some coding go to or get the basics of HTML the language of web pages. There are so Read more…



First Published by  Philip Finlay Bryan pjfb on the RSA Fellows Forum. Um, am I alone in my passion for domain names? I use the Internet as a gallery and each domain I have is a canvas. Why Read more…

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