“Level 2: Digital creativity
The ability to become a part of the digital ecosystem by co-creating new content and turning ideas into reality by using digital tools.”

“become a part of the digital ecosystem” this is your blog/website address on the Internet. (see http://FindingTheRightName.WordPress.com ). You can get a free WordPress.com address. (WordPress is used by 27% of all internet sites and it is well worth learning. Need a lesson? Book one here!) In registering a domain name you are creating new content on the Internet and turning ideas into reality. You are using digital tools creating your site with text and pictures.

Blogging fulfills all the needs of digital literacy. Look at this:

A blog requires you to do all these. Learning how to manipulate WordPress is a definite skill and one that can be added to a CV. Blogging also improves your ordinary literacy too. You will be creative. You may have a message you want to get out there; memoirs to publish before it’s too late; family concerns and pictures and anything you bloody well like, it’s your real estate. Offensive sites will be taken down. Be prepared for comments. One thing about a WordPress.com site is that it never expires (unlike you).

So get your free WordPress blog now. Brainstorm a name be it yours or something cute (witty) or something ordinary that no one has registered before.

Be imaginative.

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P.S. If you want a quick start guide to WordPress go to http://OlderCitizens.org






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