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Um, am I alone in my passion for domain names? I use the Internet as a gallery and each domain I have is a canvas. Why doesn’t everyone have their own Internet address? If we want to find out more about David Wilcox why don’t we go to or Or

It took me 30 minutes to register ( ) and put up a web page (the name took my fancy, was inspired by another proudly and cost €12 for the year – I have my own server), that’s a cup of coffee a week) and has great potential for a big site but what fun! You might think that everything by now has been registered as a dot com, dot net or dot org but magic can happen and I now have my four initials as a dot org, Being a not for profit person dot org is acceptable.

My campaign for digital literacy now spans 7 domains culminating in, each domain covers different facets of this many-faceted concept. Digital Creativity is seen by WEF as being the second level of digital literacy, authoring your own website fulfills many of the abilities required for digital literacy. My web design is getting good btw. This site took four days so far. Nothing too difficult.

I mean an address on the Internet is really cool isn’t it? Imagine if your house didn’t have an address? You are a digital person these days and should have a digital address. Just having an email address is not good enough.Having your own domain is no longer the province of geeks and high flyers with price tags of thousands. Much of what I have is free. uses free, creative commons software. The whole Internet runs on free software.

Then of course if you have your own domain (€35 a year including hosting) you have your own email address; the one I use here is what could be nicer? And I am for more personal stuff (like @lorena) all well suited to @pjfb

So what are the reasons for you not having your own domain?

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pjfb · November 6, 2017 at 6:38 pm

I love domains

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