Yes, an elusive beast sometimes. However, from

There now I got inspired when reading of a person who used ‘proudly’ in their domain name. So I thought what might fit… and I came up with ProudlyEclectic  – amongst the intelligentsia (lol) if asked what is your philosophy and you said eclectic this was seen as a cop out and that you hadn’t read much or thought much. However, in the ways of the world having the tenets of multiple philosophies gives a distinct advantage. I am proud to be eclectic using a multiplicity of ideas.  So yep it was available so I registered it. Then I liked the name so much I registered I put up a quick website, have a look.

I was inspired by the domain name. It just goes to show there are some good domain names left for OC people like me who constantly and silently put dot com after any word or phrase hehehe. I am easily inspired. Foolishly perhaps.

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