Know this, things are not what they seem. They seem fixed but are ephemeral and
disappear with a power switch. But are creative. Something new on the horizon. Where
does it come from? This new newness. Something not seen before. And how the digital
encourages flourishes. Digital Creativity. File New and so it begins. How super! Do you
get the thrill of expectation? The blank page, the blank canvas on which you will
splutter forth gobbets of living fire (you wish lol). Of course just because it’s new doesn’t
make it good whatever that means. However, let’s hope it is at least pleasing to the eye.

From the Open University

The importance of being digital

Water, water everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink.

(Coleridge, 1834)

Although technology is all around us, some people are still excluded (Go ON UK, 2015). This is often due to lack of opportunities to access the internet or ability to afford the necessary equipment. There are all sorts of benefits for society when people and organisations are able to use the internet to full effect. On an individual level, gaining digital skills can reduce isolation, increase career prospects and enable people to access health information. For organisations, becoming more digital is likely to increase visibility, efficiency and competitiveness. For society in general, being digitally confident empowers people to make their voices heard on issues of importance to them. Digital skills are also highly important when it comes to studying.

There is more to succeeding online than just knowing how to do specific tasks. It is also important to be able to judge who and what you can trust, understand the essentials of ethical behaviour online and communicate well with others. Being ‘digital’ is about using technology to achieve your goals, whether those are related to work, everyday life or study. It involves thinking critically and making the decisions that are right for you and your life.

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