Here is a graphic detailing your Digital Intelligence of DQ from the World Economic Forum

What’s your DQ?

The challenge for educators is to move beyond thinking of IT as a tool, or “IT-enabled education platforms”. Instead, they need to think about how to nurture students’ ability and confidence to excel both online and offline in a world where digital media is ubiquitous.

Like IQ or EQ – which we use to measure someone’s general and emotional intelligence – an individual’s facility and command of digital media is a competence that can be measured. We call it DQ: digital intelligence. And the good news is that DQ is an intelligence that is highly adaptive.

DQ can broadly be broken down into three levels:

Level 1: Digital citizenship – see

The ability to use digital technology and media in safe, responsible and effective ways

Level 2: Digital creativity

The ability to become a part of the digital ecosystem by co-creating new content and turning ideas into reality by using digital tools

Level 3: Digital entrepreneurship

The ability to use digital media and technologies to solve global challenges or to create new opportunities – my work in progress

Blogging is level 2!

AND if you haven’t got a domain yet why not? It’s free to get started with a WordPress blog and a complete top-level domain ( dot com, net, org etc) will cost you €45 a year or thereabouts – peanuts for your own domain with associated email addresses. AND it’s loads of fun and very very creative. If you need a hand to get started go to for how-to videos. I have a four letter domain of my initials which is really cool and saves a lot of typing. Stuck for a name? Go to get inspired here and I just registered  just for fun (I have my own web server) AND it’s a talking point in the Shed. I love domains. It’s become a bit of an obsession (sigh).